Hi! My name is Rachel and I am a self proclaimed DIYer. I am a recent homeowner and spend all of my free time decorating and looking for ways to refurbish thrift store finds as cheaper high end alternatives. I started this blog because after attending my third baby shower, the phrase “Oh my gosh, you’re like so crafty!” just sort of stuck as I was getting compliment after compliment on my handmade baby shower gifts. Little did they know, that making something from the heart costs SOOOO much less than buying something off a baby registry. This blog is a mixture of tutorials on home renovations and homemade gifts. I never thought that I would be able to successfully complete half of the projects I started, so if you’re ever feeling discouraged just tell yourself “You’re like really crafty!”

Loves monograms, champagne, pearls, and all things pink & sparkly

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