How To Create Your Own Monogrammed Baby Dress Using The Brother SE-400 Sewing Machine

It’s baby season! One of my friends is about to welcome a new baby girl into the world and I can’t wait to spoil her with lots of monogrammed baby gifts. In addition to the traditional monogrammed baby bibs and baby bloomers, I decided to create a monogrammed baby dress, so that baby Addison is always dressed to impress.

Monogrammed baby gifts are always a great choice for the mommy-to-be. Try this tutorial on creating your own monogrammed baby dresses using your Brother SE-400 Sewing Machine.

Step One: Start out by reading my tutorial “How To Embroider The Fairytale Monogram Font On The Brother Se-400 Sewing Machine” to learn about how to use your Brother SE-400 sewing machine for at home embroidery projects. This tutorial will review the setup for your sewing machine and the proper positioning for your patterns.

Step Two: Download your embroidery patterns. I have several monogram fonts available for purchase under my “DOWNLOADS” folder. In this tutorial, I will be using the font “Fairytale Font” and I will be using the 2 inch font.

Attach your USB cord to your computer and upload the design into your sewing machine (see tutorial for further instructions).

I purchased a white baby dress from a local department store (Dillards) that I planned to put the embroidery pattern on. In this tutorial, I put the design on the front of the dress at the top near the collar.

Step Three: Before beginning any monogramming project, I always do a test run on some scrap fabric to make sure I have the positioning of my letters in the correct spot. Below is the sample template for my Fairytale Font. Using a scrap piece of fabric, embroider your Fairytale Font using the setup below.

Select the embroidery function on your sewing machine display. To upload a font you have downloaded, you will want to select the PES file version. I keep all of my downloaded embroidery fonts in a folder called “Embroidery” on my desktop for easy access. I’ve renamed all of the specific fonts to their design names. We will be using the font “Fairytale Font”.

How to use the Brother SE-400 sewing machine for home embroidery projects at

Click on the font name and then the PES subfolder. For Fairytale Font, you will see three different sized uppercase fonts, 1 inch, 2 inch, and 3 inch.

In this tutorial, we will be using the 2 inch monogram with the initials A-S-R.

A- First Initial

R- Middle Initial 

S- Last Initial 

Fairytale Font Setup:

Start with the center initial. Select the 2 inch option for “2inch_Uppercase_S.pes”.

Next, select the 1 inch option for “1inch_Uppercase_A.pes”. Drag the file over to your “Sewing Machine” folder.

Finally, select the 1 inch option for “1inch_Uppercase_R.pes”. Drag the file over to your “Sewing Machine” folder.

To edit the design specifics, touch the screen of your preferred design and modify your size, location, and position.

How to use the Brother SE-400 sewing machine for home embroidery projects at

Using the Fairytale embroidery font, complete your monogram design using the following values. Your center letter will be at the size 4.9 and your left and right initials should be around 2.8. I find it beneficial to do a practice template to make sure that your letters align correctly. Below is the embroidery setup for my monogram A-S-R.

S-  4.9 + 0.00,   4.1 + 0.00 (2 inch font)

A-   2.8 + 0.00,   2.4 – 3.30 (1 inch font)

R-  2.8 + 0.00,   2.4 + 3.25 (1 inch font)

Complete the embroidery on your scrap fabric. Instructions available here for your Fairytale Font embroidery.

Step Four: The most challenging part of any embroidery project is determining the correct position. Since we want to make sure the design is in the center of the dress, it is important to make sure that we position the fabric into the embroidery loom accurately. To accomplish this, I always create a design template beforehand. After completing your template on scrap fabric, place your plastic template over your fabric and trace the pattern using a dry erase marker.

Apply your stabilizer to the back of your fabric and secure it in place using your embroidery loom. I recommend that you use a soft sew-in stabilizer for your embroidery design. A sew-in stabilizer is better for fabrics that are going to be close to skin and since this is a baby dress, I wanted to make sure the design was soft against the new born baby’s skin. The one I use for these projects can be found at Hobby Lobby or Joann’s using this link “Stabilizer”.

Locate the middle of your dress and use that location as the center to align your design. (Note the yellow pin)

In order to determine the positioning of your design on your dress, place your traced plastic template onto your dress and position the dress into the embroidery loom in front of your stabilizer.

Secure the fabric in place.

Change your thread to the color thread of your choosing. In this example, I used a pink thread, so that it would be elegant and girlie. Place your secured fabric into your sewing machine and begin the embroidery process for your Fairytale Font. I also find it helpful to use some clothespins to hold back the sides of the fabric from interfering with your embroidery process.

Step Five: Start out by embroidering your center letter. In this example, I started with the S.

Next, embroider your right letter. In this example, it was the R.

Followed by the final letter, A.

Step Six: Remove your newly embroidered fabric from the sewing machine and trim the edges. Tear your interfacing/stabilizer from around your design.

Your finished product will look something like this.

That’s it! Your baby dress will turn out great and you will have a custom gift to give the new mom.

Stay tuned for additional tutorials on how to use embroidery fonts for at home monogramming using the Brother SE-400 Sewing Machine.

P.S. You’re like really crafty!

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