How To Create Your Own Monogrammed Tote Bag Using The Brother SE-400 Sewing Machine

I love the look of a monogrammed Longchamp bag, but not the $200 cost of them. I recently found a cheaper alternative to the bag on Amazon for a fraction of the price that is perfect for a monogram. In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to create your own monogrammed tote bags using the Brother SE-400 Sewing Machine.

Monogram Tote tutorial at

You can purchase the tote bag in this tutorial on Amazon for $14.99 in several different colors.

Amazon Tote

Step One: Start out by reading my tutorial “How To Use The Brother Se-400 Sewing Machine For Embroidery/ Monogramming” to learn about how to use your Brother SE-400 sewing machine for at home embroidery projects. This tutorial will review the setup for your sewing machine and the proper positioning for your patterns.

Step Two: Download your embroidery pattern. I have several different embroidery patterns available for purchase under my “DOWNLOADS” folder. In this example, I am using the Georgia Font.

Georgia Font

Attach your USB cord to your computer and upload the design into your sewing machine (see tutorial for further instructions) In this tutorial, I will be using the Georgia Font to create my monogram design.

Step Three: Apply your stabilizer to the back of your fabric and secure it in place using your embroidery loom. Place the loom in the sewing machine making sure that you have your Q foot attached and the correct attachments. I chose to use a gold thread for my monogram that was positioned in the center of my bag.

Create your own monogrammed handkerchiefs at

Step Four: Select the embroidery function on your sewing machine display. To upload a font you have downloaded, you will want to select the PES file version. I keep all of my downloaded embroidery fonts in a folder called “Embroidery” on my desktop for easy access. I’ve renamed all of the specific fonts to their design names.

How to use the Brother SE-400 sewing machine for home embroidery projects at

In this example, I will be using the font “Georgia Font”. You can find this specific font using the link below:

Georgia Font

Step Five: Select Your Design: Click on the font name and then the PES subfolder. You will see four different sized fonts, 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, and 4 inch.

In this tutorial, we will be using the 3 inch monogram with the initials R K W.

R- First Initial

K- Middle Initial 

W- Last Initial 

Start with the center initial. Select the 3 inch option for “3inchW.pes”.

Next, select the 1 inch option for “1inchR.pes”. Drag the file over to your “Sewing Machine” folder.

Finally, select the 1 inch option for “1inchK.pes”. Drag the file over to your “Sewing Machine” folder.

Step Six: Edit Your Design: To edit the design specifics, touch the screen of your preferred design and modify your size, location, and position.

How to use the Brother SE-400 sewing machine for home embroidery projects at

Using the Georgia Font embroidery font, complete your monogram design using the following values. Your center letter will be at the size 4.1 and your left and right initials should be around 2.4. I find it beneficial to do a practice template to make sure that your letters align correctly. Below is the embroidery setup for my monogram R-W-K.

W-  4.1 + 0.00,   6.5 – 0.30 (3 inch font)

Brother SE-400

R-   2.4 + 0.00,   2.2 – 3.85 (1 inch font)

Georgia Font R

K-  2.4 + 0.00,   2.4 + 3.80 (1 inch font)

Georgia Font K

Step Seven: Begin Your Embroidery: Complete the embroidery. Instructions available here for your Georgia Font embroidery.

Start out by embroidering your center letter. In this example, I started with the W.

Georgia Font

Next, embroider your right letter. In this example, it was the R.

Georgia Font

Followed by the final letter, K.

Georgia Font

Your finished design will look something like this.

Georgia Font

Step Eight: Trim Fabric: Remove your newly embroidered fabric from the sewing machine and trim the edges. Tear your interfacing/stabilizer from around your design.

Your finished tote bag will look something like this.

Georgia Font

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to create your own monogrammed tote bags.

Monogram Tote tutorial at

Monogrammed Tote Bag at

Stay tuned for additional tutorials on how to use the Brother SE-400 Sewing Machine for all of your at home embroidery crafts.

P.S. You’re like really crafty!

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