How To Embroider Your Own FSU Logos Using The Brother SE-400 Sewing Machine

Looking to save some money on Florida State gear? Try this tutorial on creating your own custom Florida State embroidery patterns using your Brother SE-400 sewing machine.


Step One: Start out by reading my tutorial “How To Use The Brother Se-400 Sewing Machine For Embroidery/ Monogramming” to learn about how to use your Brother SE-400 sewing machine for at home embroidery projects. This tutorial will review the setup for your sewing machine and the proper positioning for your patterns.

Step Two: Download your FSU embroidery pattern. I have 2 different embroidery patterns available for purchase under my “DOWNLOADS” folder.

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-9-18-19-pm screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-9-18-10-pm

Attach your USB cord to your computer and upload the design into your sewing machine (see tutorial for further instructions) In this tutorial, I will be using the Florida State Seminole head logo.

I purchased a garnet dress that I planned to put the embroidery pattern on. In this tutorial, I put the design on the bottom left corner of the dress.

Step Three: Apply your stabilizer to the back of your fabric and secure it in place using your embroidery loom. Place the loom in the sewing machine making sure that you have your Q foot attached and the correct attachments.


Step Four: Select the embroidery function on your sewing machine display. Your uploaded pattern will look like this.


From here you will have many options. Select the “AD-JUST” button to change the size of your design. The presets for this pattern have it set to embroider at a 4 inch size. You can decrease the size of your design in the “AD-JUST” section.

The numbers “1/9” indicate that the 1 is the first section of 9 separate functions that must be followed to achieve your completed pattern.

CARMINE indicates the color of thread to use for this section. CARMINE = GARNET in this tutorial. Anytime you see CARMINE, you will need to change the color of your thread to garnet.

After threading your bobbin and changing your thread color to garnet, its time to begin embroidering. Position your loom into the machine and lower the Q foot. The start button will now turn from RED to GREEN. Hit the GREEN button to start section 1 of 9 of your design.

Section 1 will embroider the garnet section outlining the seminole face. Next, will come section 2. You will need to change your embroidery thread to gold for section 2. DEEP GOLD = GOLD.


Section 2 will create the gold outline around the seminole head.


Section 3 you will need to change your thread color to black.


Section 3 will embroider the black section of the seminole head.


For section 4, you will need to change your thread color to white.


Section 4 will embroider the white section of the seminole’s face.


For section 5, you will need to change your thread color to black (tired of changing thread colors yet?)


Section 5 will embroider the black outline of the design.


For section 6, you will need to change your embroidery thread back to garnet.


Section 6 will embroider the garnet war paint on the seminole’s face.


For section 7, you are back to gold.


Section 7 will embroider the gold leaf.


Section 8, back to garnet.


Section 8 will embroider the garnet section of the arrow.


Lastly, section 9 requires white thread.


Section 9 finishes the outline of the arrow.


Your completed design will look something like this.


Remove the loom from the sewing machine and trim off any excess thread strands.


My finished product turned out great.


Now, I have a custom Florida State Seminole embroidered dress ready for game days!


A bonus feature to this tutorial are my instructions for my second Florida State pattern.


Upload your Florida State logo design into your sewing machine. This pattern has two sections.



Section 1 will create the garnet FS design. You will start out with garnet thread.


Change your thread color to gold in section 2.


Section 2 will outline the design with gold thread.


Remove the loom from the embroidery machine and trim the excess thread.

Your finished design will turn out like this.


I am excited to wear my new Florida State dress this weekend!


Stay tuned for more tutorials on embroidering with the Brother SE-400 sewing machine.

P.S. You’re like really crafty.

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